Episode 114 – Diary of a Ladies’ Man

On this very special episode of the Wisdom, Carter premieres his new album. This time his album is based on his friend Chris Day who is not a complicated man. He love’s his Geo, working at Radio Shack in Portage la Prarie and of course….his ladies. This album is a musical ten years in the making and is a work of comedy/ fiction (I had to put that in there so the real Chris Day doesn’t file a lawsuit…)

1. Chris Day Rocks
2. The Ladies Man (feat. Brett McLaughlin)
3. Roll Up (To the Club)
4. Radio Shack Anthem
5. On the Phone
6. Slinging Rock by the Shop (feat. Jay-Z, Ryan Thompson & Notorious B.I.G.)
7. Three Times a Ladies Man (feat. Lionel Richie)
8. Steps For Love
9. Dies at Dawn (feat. Trevor Gordon & Hudsy)
10. G-G-G-Geo Unit!
11. Death of a Ladies Man



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